Well my human “sister” was late this morning!  I like to eat breakfast at 7:00 am and she did not arrive until 8:00.  I let her know my displeasure by swiping at her leg with my paw. I left my claws in – I didn’t hurt her, but I wanted her to know I was not happy.  Before she feeds me she often gets coffee and hot chocolate for my residents.  This makes me get my breakfast even later!  Most days after breakfast I watch my residents eat and wait for them to finish.  I then put myself on display, stretching out on the floor for all to see and admire.  If I’m lucky, someone will either throw me a cat toy to play with or reach down and pet me on the head.  I am very gentle with my residents, I would never, ever hurt them intentionally.  The boy caregivers like to play a little rougher and I have been known to scratch them – so be forewarned!  Here are a few pictures of me from this morning.  Aren’t I just so handsome?