We are the daughters of mothers with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

img_2644We share stories, tears, laughter, and hugs – becoming friends due to the common bond of dementia. We’re all on this journey together with the same goal in mind – the health and well being of our parents in their remaining time on this earth. At times we are low, railing against the unfairness of the disease and the “system.” Other times we are energized and hopeful, we attend conferences and dream up new activities for our mothers.

We are a community of daughters and mothers. Our circle has expanded to include other residents in the community – someone’s father, sister, mother, husband or wife. Some have family members that visit and others have no one. This makes my heart hurt.

I’ve become attached to each and every resident. A sea of grey slowly takes shape into individual faces, personalities, sadness, laughter, memories and love. Sometimes words are exchanged and other times a hand is held in silence, no words needed between two people who share this space for a brief moment in life. My life is richer because of these people.