My goal is for two posts a week:  One about Smokey and the other about my mom and Alzheimer’s Disease.  Our family is inexorably linked by the downward spiral of Alzheimer’s, yet I strive to see and remember my mother as a living, breathing human being that still experiences love, joy, humor and a deep capacity of caring for others.

If you hang out in a memory care community for any length of time, you might be amazed at the precious moments of tenderness that one resident might show another.  For example, there is one lady that I’ve never witnessed any direct interaction with between her and my mom.  This past week my mom was having a “hard morning” which means she was experiencing some anxiety and was having a difficult time settling in at breakfast.  This lady (whom of course I can’t identify by name), walked up to my mom, took her hand and said, “You’ll be alright, you’re okay.”  She then looked at me and said the same thing, “Tell her she’ll be okay.”  Needless to say, I was touched beyond words.


On a side note, Ellie and I received a wonderful gift this weekend.  We were able to get away for two nights because my sister Judi and her friend stayed at our house to take care of our two dogs, cat and of course Smokey and my mom.  Even though my mom is in 24 hour care, I have a really hard time of “letting go” if we decide to take off somewhere.  I usually worry about her being okay and with Judi close by I was able to have fun with no worries.  Thank you, sister!