Hello, Smokey here!

In case you forgot, me and mama live at Conifer House in memory care.  Mama has Alzheimer’s and I take care of her.  I’ve been with her since I was a baby.  She adopted me when she lived in San Diego.  I was a very small kitten when she chose me.  Mama always wanted a Rag Doll cat and that is what I am.  I am a special cat that is bred to be a companion to people.  That’s me!  I pretty much love everyone and especially mama.  I get sad sometimes because mama forgets who I am. But then I remember that when she looks at me, she sees someone who loves her very much.

Here are some pictures of my every day life.  I love you too!


This is a picture of me in my crib – that’s hip talk for me and mama’s room at Conifer House. We have a really nice room with a big window for me to see the outside world. I love to go outside and play hide-and-seek with my residents.


We have a courtyard that is safe for me to play in and I can’t get away, not that I would ever want to leave. I can hide in the shrubs and my residents can’t even see me.  I bet you can’t see me!




Check this out – I’m an official resident at Conifer House – my name is on the plaque with mama’s on the door next to our room!




We have lots of dogs that visit us at Conifer House and I check them out first to make sure they are friendly. This is Penny and she doesn’t come see us anymore, but I used to really have fun playing chase in the hall with her. Can you believe it? What self-respecting cat would chase a dog? I should be ashamed of myself!


This is Sharkey and he is a really cool dude. He’s old and very wise and very gentle.  He really hates it when people step on his tail – I don’t blame him.  He has a funny habit of sneaking into my room and eating my dinner.  Sometimes his mom catches him in the act she’ll closes the door so that some food is left for me.  We just hang out and quietly enjoy each other’s company.