Hello – Smokey here!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you on this very fine day. My favorite valentine is my mama and I know she loves me very much. Look how pretty she was today at our Conifer House party. We were tired by the end of the day, but we sure had fun.


How do you like mama’s red glasses?




Yesterday we made valentines so that we could hang them up around the room.  Here is a picture of mama and my sister Judi.  I’m so happy that Judi lives close to me and mama now.  She can be here in just two hours to see me (and mama)!





Here’s another picture from our valentine making party. These are two of our dear Conifer House friends hard at work.

I am loved.

I have a very happy life here at Conifer House. I’m surrounded by my residents who are now part of my family – they look out for me and make sure I get fed. Of course I aways get fed, but sometimes I like to pretend that I haven’t eaten! There are also many, many wonderful caregivers who take care of mama and my residents. And of course I have mama, Judi, Diana and Ellie.