Last week I received a call from my mom’s hospice nurse, Mare.  Mare said she had a “surprise” for my mom and wanted me to be there when she gave her the surprise. The surprise turned out to be the most beautiful, colorful and wonderful cat quilt made by a hospice volunteer – made especially for my mom! I am still speechless…


I don’t know the quilter’s name yet, but I hope to meet her in person and thank her for the beautiful gift.  My family is so very grateful for the amazing support and love we’ve received from the Benton County Hospice Service.

Our initial experience with hospice was short-lived.  My mom was only on hospice for a few weeks before she broke her hip.  Once we decided on surgery, she no longer qualified for hospice services, which was a scary prospect for us!  It hadn’t taken us very long to rely on Mare, our social worker Kim, and the chaplain, Lynn.

Ellie and I followed the ambulance to the hospital where we were met by the on-call hospice nurse, Charlotte.  I met Charlotte at my mom’s initial hospice intake meeting, so it was a relief to see a familiar face.  Charlotte stayed with us at the hospital through the initial x-rays, consultation with ER staff and the doctor who would do my mom’s surgery the next day. Ellie, Judi and I made the final decision for surgery, but we felt supported along the way by hospice and our medical team.

Charlotte and Mama before surgery


Mare visited mama after surgery

To shorten a very long story with a happy ending, my mom was able to qualify for hospice services after her rehabilitation at Corvallis Manor.  All of us, including Smokey, are extremely happy that she is back at Conifer House!