Hello, Smokey here!

I bet you miss hearing from me!   I’ve been very, very sick – actually sicker than a dog.  🐶  My tummy was all cramped up and I couldn’t keep my breakfast down for days. IMG_4149 I had to go see Dr. Sharon – she is a special veterinarian and only sees cats, like me.  I had to face several indignities and got shaved in my private place – yuck.  Dr. Sharon also put me on a strict diet with no treats and no more people food.  I probably got sick because someone fed me turkey and now I have to take pills.  I think I’m my own worse enemy because I always act like I’m hungry!


My residents are always looking out for me.  They know what time I eat breakfast and dinner and they let me go outside when it’s not raining.  I’m pretty lucky, don’t you think?  I try and let my residents know how much they mean to me – I love them all so much!